Suite au rapport Drummond

Un extrait intéressant de ce rapport en lien avec la position de l’INRS sur le monde de la recherche canadienne.

As federal government support for research tripled between 1997 and
2003, universities responded universally. Most universities (and, more
recently, some colleges) have elected to pursue the myriad federal and
provincial research dollars available, all in the name of becoming
“world-class research centres.” The reality is that few of Ontario’s
research centres will become the best in Canada, never mind the world.
Many, however, have gone so far as to apply cross-subsidies within their
institutions, effectively taking money from undergraduate tuition
revenues to further support research. Increasingly, institutions are
allowing professors to sacrifice teaching commitments to conduct more
research, as has been noted in books such as Academic Reform. Clearly,
there must be a better balance; excellent research should not trump
excellent teaching.

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